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With Fireplaces WA offering so many high heat output options that require a shelf or mantle to protect a TV or precious art above, we are pleased to offer a contemporary and non combustible alternative to a mantelpiece.

Two attractive options are available:

Cast Polished Grey Concrete Mantles

  • Sleek, smooth Quartz surface
  • Use either as a mantle or hearth
  • Available in 2 sizes - 1524 x 140 x 140mm OR 1829 x 140 x 140mm
  • Wall-mounting brackets included for easy install

Cast Hewn Timber Mantles and Legs

  • Non-combustible, fibre reinforced cast concrete
  • Can be used as a floating shelf or add legs for a traditional mantle look
  • Reproductions of 150 year old timber
  • Hand-painted for realistic timber detailing
  • Can be used as either a mantle or hearth
  • Available in 3 sizes: 1212 x 178 x 152mm OR 1524 x 241 x 190mm OR 1829 x 241 x 190mm
  • Wall-mounting brackets included for easy install

If you have a more traditional fireplace that you are looking to restore or even if you wish to recreate a Federation-era fireplace, a mantlepiece is the perfect accessory.
We work together with Cradle Mountain Fireplaces to supply a range of timber, MDF and even cast iron mantles, and cast iron fascias.

Mantlepieces serve several purposes. Traditionally they were used to protect oil paintings that took pride of place above the fire. Nowadays it is to protect the TV.

Another advantage of installing a mantlepiece is that it deflects the heat towards the floor before it starts to rise to the ceiling. 

If you have a gap left between the firebox and the mantlepiece, Fireplaces WA also offers a selection of cast iron fascias to neatly finish off your fireplace project.

Call us today to see whether this might be a solution for your open fireplace.


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